One of the keys to being s successful Vitki is flexibility. You can’t become too entrenched in your ways of doing things. Because sure enough as soon as you’ve settled on a way to do things they stop working. What to do? Approach your work with flexibility and the doors open wide.

For example you have found a way to do Seidr that works for you. You’re busy going into trance and traveling the nine realms and everything is happy. Then one day you do your routine and nothing happens. Nada. So you try again the next day. Nothing. So you keep this up for several days with no results. I say that’s when you switch things up. If you’re usually a breathing trance worker try using a drum. If you’re generally a drum worker try swaying. You get the picture. New ways of approaching trance will bring you new avenues to explore. And give you a new tool for your toolbox to boot!

Same with Runes. You’re getting unreadable information in your castings. Nothing is making sense. Time for learning a new layout. Giving the runes new ways to communicate with you is a powerful way to shake things up a bit. Maybe have someone else do a reading for you. There are numerous ways to change up your Runic practices. Try something new and different!

These are ways to get you over the rut you may find yourself stuck in. In my experience it happens to all of us at some point. Knowing ahead of time that you may find something new to do to get you back on track is power. And what are we all about if not personal power and learning new things?

Divination with Runes

As my new book “Vitki Musings: Runes Seidr and Esoteric Asatru “ was until today the number one bestseller on Amazon in the category Divination with Runes I thought I’d do a post on the subject. By the way check out my book on Amazon today and see what the hubbub is about!

Using Runes for Divination is the primary use of them for me personally. I do readings for others and myself. It’s not too difficult once you have the meanings under your belt. Of course new nuances in meaning come with experience. Learning the meanings is important but only your own experience in reading can give you true and accurate results. Let yourself be open to that process. The results will be many.

Doing a reading for me is not a big event. It’s pretty simple. I light some incense and candles to put me in the proper mood. Then I invoke the gods for their assistance. I used to invoke Odin exclusively but then he told me to invoke the Norns. Since that message I have used the Norns. It has brought me great success.

Then I do the casting. The meanings are pretty clear if I remain open. I sometimes do a seidr session to get results for trickier meanings. That only happens for really difficult readings.

Then I thank the gods for their help. And that’s about it.

Giving the results to clients is sometimes difficult though. If the results are not that positive you have to approach your giving of results with care. Being diplomatic is part of the job of being a Vitki.

So in my opinion keeping things simple is the key. You can’t afford to make things complicated if it doesn’t need to be.

Doing Divination is a vital aspect of Vitki work. I get a lot of results from the act of reading the runes for others. Try it and you’ll see!


Sometimes I get to wear my gothi hat and my Vitki hat at the same time. So it was this past week.

I have a Vitki apprentice who is having some difficulty in her life right now. After listening to her issues I offered her some gothi-esque advice. Then I gave her my Vitki advice. That advice was to get creative.

Creativity plays a vital part in Vitki work. We need to be creative at all times. Whether it’s in creating a Bindrune or an alliterative invocation for the gods. We must be open to the creative forces of the multiverse.

I find myself needing to be creative on a daily basis. I am creative when it comes to ritual. I take pride in constructing a well thought out ritual. It can be something simple. Sometimes the simplest ritual calls for the greatest creativity!  And the act of constructing such a ritual takes a bit of time. At least for me the preparation time exceeds the actual time it takes to do the ritual!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A creation of a magical working is the same. The time I spend thinking about and planning the rite is enough to get me all charged up for the actual act. This keyed up energy works well with magic. There’s a sense of urgency to it. I create a greater need for the rite by planning it. By the time it comes to perform the rite I’m raring to go. This energy helps send the magical act out into the multiverse.

Creativity also plays a part in studies. You can read about something all you want but until you make the transition from printed page to actual reality you have done nothing. It’s in the act of acting out what you’ve read that the creativity takes its turn. Making something you’ve read real and truly your own takes a lot of creativity.

So you can see that being a good Vitki requires being open to your creative self. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Vitki Musings as a book

For some time people have been telling me I need to write a book. I was unsure I had anything to really say. Then it dawned on me. This blog was where I’d been writing!  So I decided to to create a book using the blog as the skeleton and fleshing it out. So that is what I’ve done.

Using the blog as my basis I added new commentary and new Musings. So if you’ve read this blog you haven’t read the book!  The book is available exclusively through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. Follow those links or search for it by title Vitki Musings: Runes, Seidr and Esoteric Asatru or by my name Kurt Hoogstraat. Thanks so much for your readership. Now you can buy the book!  Thanks!

Going to Hel

I’m going to Hel. And I’m taking you with me!

Journeying to visit departed loved ones almost always means s journey to Hel. It’s not as scary as it sounds.

First I set the mood. Candles. Incense. Those always help me travel. The smell of white sage is almost enough to put me in a trance. But that’s how I’ve trained myself to respond. I always use that incense when I journey. So my brain knows when I smell it burning that something’s up.

Then I drum. And chant. As I’m journeying to Hel I chant Hela’s name. That sets my intention firmly in mind. Intention is a big player in these scenarios. Without proper intention I would just wander about aimlessly. But I have a goal. Keeping that in mind helps.

Soon I’m in a trance. I keep drumming and chanting. Next thing I know I’m at the gates of Hel. I always experience this realm as a type of desert. Hot. Dry. Dead. It is a rather bleak landscape. But I press on.

Hela greets me. I throw some meat at the dog at the gates. Hela seems to appreciate that gesture.

She is beautiful to me. Well half of her is anyway. Beautiful and calm. But for me there’s always a windstorm in her wake. But she herself is the calm in the midst of that storm.

I ask to speak with a departed loved one. She nods and goes inside the gate. I wait. Then she returns. Sometimes with the loved one I wish to speak to. Sometimes with someone else. Sometimes she returns alone and tells me that no one has any wisdom to share with me at this time.

If I’m lucky and someone wishes to speak with me we’ll have our conversation. With Hela standing close by as if to watch. It seems to me she likes to know exactly what’s going on. I never question her intent.

Then it’s time to leave. I thank Hela for her assistance. I thank the departed loved ones. I begin drumming again. My journey has ended for the day.

Thats a quick overview of how I talk to the dead. Pretty easy once you’ve mastered getting into trance. And Hel is not such a bad place after all!