How dare you call yourself a Vitki?

There have been people in my life that have asked me the question “How dare you call yourself a Vitki? You read a few books and call yourself a Vitki”. My answer to them is always the same. I call myself a Vitki because I do what a Vitki does.

My introduction to the term Vitki came first from Thorsson. He told me through his writings that anyone who practiced and studied the runes was a Vitki. A Norse sorcerer. At least that was my understanding of his words. So I studied the runes and therefore called myself a Vitki. But it all started much earlier for me. It was just a term that I found useful to explain what I was and what I did and who I was.

I was born and raised in farm country. My grandparents owned a farm. My father worked the land. And I as an extension was raised to be the one to take over the land one day. Many contended hours of my early years were spent on piles of dirt.  Bugs were my friends. I grew to appreciate the changing of the seasons. I was intune with the cycle of planting growing and harvesting the crops. My dad used to tell me of one of his favorite memories growing up was going out to the fields in spring and laying down in the dirt to listen to the corn grow. These are the people who shaped my early years. People whose goal was to leave the land better than they had found it. An admirable goal to be sure.

I was in touch with the land wights if our area. Although I called them “gnomes”. I didn’t have the proper vocabulary to explain what I was experiencing. But experience it I did.

Then came the teen years. A rough time in anyone’s life.  But especially for me.  I was gay in a very rural area in the late 1970s.  And I was never in the closet.  Being gay was just a part of who I was.  It never dawned on me to try to hide it.

Being gay meant I was acutely aware of my feminine side  I learned to trust my intuition.  I learned not to be ashamed of those aspects of self that the world around me said were bad and sinful.  I learned to be different than others.  Very different.  It was this sense of being an other that colored my life.  I became comfortable being who and what I was though those around me condemned it.

So I entered my 20s with a thick skin and the firm conviction that I was right in my sense of otherness.  All the lessons of my life up till then had prepared me for a life different from those around me.

My next post I will continue this tale of why I call myself a Vitki.  Till then…


Words to the readers

Hail everyone!  Thanks for making my last post the most viewed post in this blog’s history!  Who’d have thought Seidr would be so popular?

Which brings me to my next comments. First of all what are the topics you’d most like to see me tackle?  PM me on Facebook with your ideas. I’m always looking for inspiration.

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I have also started a YouTube channel called A Vitki Gothi Speaks. There are three episodes so far. Check them out!

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Whew!  I’ve been a busy Vitki!  Why not join me further on this path in one of the avenues listed above?  I’d love your company!  Hail and best wishes to you all. May your journey be filled with wunjo!

Everyday Seidr

So you can go into trance. You can travel the nine realms. For you it’s become no big whoop. Now what?

Now is the time to put your skills into everyday practice. Time to use Seidr for things that are useful in your everyday life. Time for everyday Seidr.

First of all there’s the way you can use Seidr to gain knowledge. Traveling to the nine realms with the intention of meeting an entity who will share some wisdom with you always gets results. At least in my experience. I often journey with the distinct purpose of getting some good pointers on how to better live my life. It was in trance that I was told it was time to write a blog. And look!  You’re reading it now!

Contacting your ancestors is another way to use Seidr in your everyday life. This allows us to rebuild old strong relationships and make new connections we never had in life. It serves to create a string going back through time to days of yore. And what could be better than words of wisdom from members of your own clan?

Getting a clear picture of where you stand on your path is another example of a way to use Seidr. We all need signposts along our way through life. Seidr gives you a chance to view things from a different standpoint. It also allows you to see the big picture. Try doing a Seidr session with the intention of seeing where you stand. You might be surprised by the outcome.

And for someone like me who needs to come up with topics of discussion it can be a great tool!  How do you think I came up with this topic?!?

These are just a few of the ways to use Seidr every day. What ways can you come up with?

We’re everywhere

Something really remarkable has been happening. Vitki and Volva outreach of a major kind. Everywhere I turn there seems to be a Vitki!  This is great!  We’re making a definite footprint on the consciousness of the heathen community and the world at large.

I really don’t know why this is happening. For years there were just a couple of authors who wrote on subjects of interest to the Vitki. Now authors are coming out with books regularly that have to do with matters of concern to us. I know if at least five authors who have released new books in the last two years. And that’s just the ones I personally know about!  This batch of books makes it much easier to learn and explore the Vitki world.

On Facebook there are groups that deal specifically with our interests. There are groups on Runes and Seidr. These groups provide a place to have conversations with others regarding the topic of your own personal interests and callings.

Then there’s those who teach our craft. There’s Ivy Mulligan and myself and others who specifically work with folks on the arts of the Vitki and Volva. All you need to do is hang out on Facebook and these teachers will make themselves known.

Personally in the last year and a half I have founded the Vitki/Volva Forum which now has 1.2K members  I started this blog  I published a book. I started a YouTube channel. It feels as if I’m everywhere.

Runes. Seidr. Esoteric Asatru. It seems as if we’re going mainstream. This is an exciting time for us!  As long as we continue to reach out and read and study there is no end to what we could do. Hail!


I don’t live in a vacuum. I admit to being influenced by the works of others. Sometimes I tell myself jokingly that I may not have a single thought in my head that is truly my own!  Of course that’s not true. But i do say I am a combination of all that I’ve read and studied.

And I’ve read and studied a lot. Over the past 25 years on the path of the Vitki I have read almost everything I could get my hands on in regards to Esoteric Asatru. In the categories of runes and seidr especially.

For runes my first big influence was Edred Thorsson. He is who I turned to when I decided to take my studies of the runes seriously. And in many ways that stands true even today. It seems as if in some ways I can’t get past his very long shadow. Even on recent years when he’s had some controversy swirling around him I maintain that his Runic work is solid. A tad academic. But solid.

Then I was turned on to Freya Aswynn. Again some gems are buried in her work. But she’s another one who has been tainted by controversy. What is it with these rune people anyway?

Then came someone who has influenced me in several different categories. Diana Paxson. Her works run the gamut from general Asatru to Runes to trance work. All of her work is easy to read and worthy of your time.

And in Seidr I find Runic John to be without equal. His books offer real life applications. There’s no real Seidr is so mysterious stuff going on with him. Again a very easy author to read. His works pack a whallop.

Then there’s the many authors I’ve read and only picked up one good idea from each. This still was not time wasted. As long as I get one good idea out of a book I consider it worthwhile.

Of course there’s also the stuff I’ve read that was simply dross. Too many to name here but you know who you are!

Ive also cone up with insights along the way that I would say are really mine. But I’ll save that for a book!

I’m not ashamed that admit I’ve been influenced. Each bit of study along the way has made me into the Vitki I am. I wouldn’t change that for anything!